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lots of things to think/worry about

It's August 1st.

Holy hell, where did the whole summer slip away to?

I finished The Road, which Eric didn't read alongside me; I received This Side of Paradise in the mail today ;we just got home from Inception; a few days back we watched Crash. Did I say we saw Good Will Hunting too? (I'm too lazy to check - way to be behind the times though lolol). Need to pick book-club-book #3 (I'm thinking Angela's Ashes), want to see Salt and The Other Guys.

Going to send out hopeful bath #2 of applications during this week - banks, reception, CanonUSA, maybe others if they appear. Going into the city on a date tomorrow to the MoMA or the Museum of Sex, still undecided on where we'll venture but we canned going out east due to a poor weather report predicting rain in the afternoon. Adventures in banking take off as I try to figure out whether or not to open a savings or CD account and then where to do whichever seems like the better plan. Mostly I want to start saving my money for the long-term... a nest-egg sort of speak. I could add my savings bond money to an account, too and help it grow a little with 99.9999% no risk. Citi's website says they have a 2.00%APY which is a shadow of the high rates of 3+% that were high flying in the not too distant past. It is, however, the highest one I saw in a quick search online. It might be better to just open a general savings account somewhere I won't be tempted to withdraw from. I'll figure it out real soon :P

Feeling like a huge tub and making a half-hearted attempt to add the gym back to my usual schedule. I was *HOPING* I would've landed a job somewhere by now and could instead join a gym close to the office/location so I would be excuse-free about not being able to get there. Obviously I would need the job first before I could jump ship and get on it and therefore I have not been going. woof. I am not loving myself for that decision/lack of performance.

Kim, Sean and Henry fly away to the UK tomorrow (later today) to begin their 6month temp. British lives. I really want to see them.. hopefully by/at/around Christmas time I will finally fly myself out of the US of A and peruse London while catching up with the Caesars.

My car's inspection is up as of midnight, but I need to buy/install new wipers, change my oil and hopefully vacuum and clean it before I bring it for it's testing.. hopefully Monday during the daytime if they can fit it in. I supposed I'll go where Eric sent me last year, which was Wolf's right by the Babylon train station. Real old-timey old school there haha.

Also hoping Lucas will photograph me soon with those sunflowers before they fall out of a seasonal look. He recommended Planting Fields -- I am not sure if I have been there but I know I went to some giant estate with Sahra and her grandma when we were younger for an outdoor concert. I'm sure if it's the same place I will remember it though. I'm really looking forward to it, fingers crossed he won't flake away like my former promised photoshoot did...

Eric's birthday is slowly encroaching upon us. I need to get my ass in gear with that... predominantly in making a celebration plan.

More to come!