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here comes the debt cycle..

Well, I have some problems. They all involve money. I have approximately $4,000 in the bank, and carry approximately $1,800 in current credit debt over 2 cards with a combined credit pool of $9,000. I had been working on paying down my lower-limit, lower APR card while simultaneously ceasing daily use of the Disney card. All of my credit plans have been put on hiatus given a new development following Mom and Dad's visit to the accountant yesterday.

I feel exploited (not on a personal level) - I am not anyone's employee, just an independent contractor. I file my own taxes, which I have been paying in quarterly installments. Turns out, however, that since no one garnishes me for my Social Security owings, I now have to pay the additional $1,100 by April 15th. F. M. L. REAL HARD.

It doesn't seem TOO bad, knowing I'm getting paid this week. However, I owe $60 to my mom and dad on behalf of my Jimmy Buffett ticket. I JUST sent $400 in checks to my credit cards. And, oh, I have to pay for my 2 summer classes ($1,900). rkgjorghregnfgnergireighreg

Consequence? I just applied @ 4 different Starbucks' around here for Barista or Shift Manager positions. I also hope that if Eric talks to his boss we can try and have me apply @ the desk of Atlantic's car lot to fill the empty position there. In short, I need out. It's no one's fault, but having no insurance and not being able to apply for gvt. benefits because I'm not an employee + the high rate of money I have to personally pay out (it would've been taken out had I been an employee) with my debts and stresses is mentally too much for me. The hope is I will get in to nursing school for the advanced programs which start in the summer. Big ups to that...

And speaking of summer, FL is around the corner ^_^ that makes me happy. Last night we went to see Hot Tub Time Machine with Craig, Kasey and Ed. Approved. Not as brilliant as some former rock-solid comedies, but still laugh riotous. I also watched The Hurt Locker from Netflix which Eric had to ditch when we started it :[ It was pretty great - I haven't seen all the Best Picture noms, but I thought both Up! and Up in the Air were better. The directing award was definitely deserved -- I felt like I was THERE. Got nervous, heartracing, etc. Wowie fo' sho' on that aspect.

Tonight we're going to Mama's for the first time in I don't even KNOW how long -- we haven't had a Monday off at least since classes started in January and I know we didn't go for a long while due to financial woes. Eric got a gift card at Christmas, so we'll be dining on the cheaps. Last night we saw the movie on a birthday gift card hahaha. Tomorrow!! We're going to the Camden Aquariummmmm!!! Eric told me about this place a long time ago when we were having some differences and he said one thing we have in common is being gay for aquariums (it's true) and this one has a hippo -- he LOVES hippos hahah. It's also a hop-skip to Philadelphia so as long as he's down I feel like we should make a quick stop there before we go back home. Mapquest says its 2hrs 41m away. They're open from 9:30-5 so I hope we leave around 7:30 so we can make the most of it! SO EXCITED TO SPEND THE ONE DAY WE HAVE TOTALLY OFF ON SPRING BREAK TOGETHERRRRRR <3<3<3

My half.com ventures have been fun -- though truth be told my total profit thus far from 15 sales is only about $45, if that. (cost of packaging, shipping, etc.) I got SCREWED with one - my Russian CD set.. gihriguhregiur I HATE THE WEST ISLIP POST OFFICE. I officially resigned from bringing them any package item. Only letters from here on out. They are mentally ill, very slow, NOT nice and all around horrible at service. Babylon hasn't given me any issues yet, so they're my new (current) jam. Money wasn't the goal with this, but a little bit would help out real good right now.

Hank is getting so biggggg. I'm pretty positive at this point he is a SHE haha. But the name stays. I hope I can upgrade to a slightly large tank for her ASAP. Maybe I can get one by Christmas. Just the up to a 30g would do wonders for her. I think anything larger would require different furniture. If I move over (ever :[) I am going to try and work out moving her to a 55gal downstairs and swing in to clean it from time to time. Who knows, that's far ahead. I love her so hard.. we took time to give the long winter's overhaul on the tank last week. Full cleaning, new filter bag, SPOTLESS. So far its still doing well but some water has evaporated. I need to replace that real soon. Her shell is also getting set to shed and it layering up real good but isn't coming off. I might need to kick it in to high gear with some special foods (blueberries, sweet potato) and try and help out. Damn you, nature.

So many things to do and organize and I feel like there's no time or money for any of it. I STILL have the Frank canvas Eric got me for 3 years sitting sans frame on a pile of clothes in my room. I stalled my photo-printing and sotrage project. I never started transferring my photos to the TB. I need a new laptop. Hank needs the tank. My car needs parts.

The list will never ever ever end..

current NetFlix queue

(I'm determined to get back in to journaling)

I still haven't used Eric's gift certificate code for 2 movies/month for 2 months. I have been getting 1 and am afraid I won't be able to keep up. Currently, here is my top 20 movies on my queue:

*The Hurt Locker is shipping today*
1. I Heart Huckabees
2. Religulous
3. The Pianist
4. Little Children
5. Public Enemies
6. Couples Retreat
7. Tropic Thunder
8. The Godfather
9. The Godfather II
10. Whip It
11. The Last of Mohicans
12. Capote
13. Pecker
14. Breakfast at Tiffany's
15. Good Will Hunting
16. No Country for Old Men
17. Sicko
18. Into the Wild
19. Clue
20. Celebrity

Most recently we got The Goods which, though knowledgeably stupid, was pretty funny nonetheless. We watched it pre-bed when I stayed @ Eric's on Monday night. Before that I watched Munich - holy obsessed with Eric Bana <3333333333333 And before THAT I held on to V for Vendetta for like, 3 weeks without ever watching it. Fail.

We streamed Angels & Demons Sunday night -- WOW EPIC PLOT TWISTS! It totally had me. Though the flow of dialogue in information heavy movies is always awkward, I am able to look past it. Tom Hanks always FTW. Ewen McGregor was pretty stellar as well.

LOST? OMG. Almost over. So sad... got the Richard Alpert episode FINALLY this Tuesday and I have mixed feelings in terms of what was/wasn't answered.. kind of a lot of build-up for nothing in my opinion but it was STILL great and I still can't believe nor accept it's coming to a close so quickly :[ I made "macaroons" for the LOST dinner @ Joey's - they were well received and deeeeelish. Gunna jump on another batch REAL SOON. nomnomnom.

School is trekking along, I got a 98.75 on lab test 1 and a 96 on lecture test 1. Last night I took what would've been my Friday lab test2 and so Spring Break is officially ON! We're planning a trip to Mama's (we never have free Monday nights) and to the Camden Aquarium, months after the idea came up. EXCITE. Maybe even a Funcho's Fajitas trip to Riverhead if we have tiiiiime. I have been selling (though $$ isn't the real goal) my books, cds, DVDs on half.com lately trying to downsize "stuff" while also being semi-green about it. In a few months anything that hasn't sold I'll end up donating to GoodWill, Salvation Army or maybe even the library. Aiming to work on downsizing unused clothes after this project is over with. Also, it will help out if and when I am able to move out.

Of note: I am still AAAAAAmazed at the human body as I keep learning about it. TRUELY.


March 1st was my birthday, and I turned twenty-three. No fireworks went off, no parades or awards but it was a really nice birthday! Saturday Kim, Sean and Henry came over for a "family party" AKA dinner and ice cream cake (which is my birthday staple and must-have). They didn't get to stay too long since Hen-wee was not digging my birthday party ambiance but it was nice to have had them come at all. Sunday Eric and I ended up going out to Flushing, Queens for dinner @ Sago with some bubble tea bonus. I drove us out there because earlier in the day, Eric had arranged for me to pick up my eBay win from Hicksville. In short, I was feeling nerves about calling this woman because I asked her all the relevant info in a message but she didn't answer anything and only sent her #! I'd done this before and it works best when you just call the other person when you're on your way/nearby etc. So anyway, he offered to handle my stupidity and we went to pick up Amigo Donald and Amigo Jose from this woman for $65 (I rule @ eBay). While we were out there dinner was a definite since it was after 7pm, but the question was WHERE!?!?!?! Dosas? On the Border? I was so feeling the curry soup @ Sago that it was almost impossible for me to accept any other locale. But according to Eric he was definitely down so I killed all the gas I just got for our trip. Finding parking, which is always a bummer, took me a few minutes but I ended up getting a spot RIGHT outside of our jam LOL. WEEEE!

I am still convinced that the vegetable dumplings have something meat-esque in them but Eric and subsequently Ed keep saying it is tofu. They are either in denial or don't know what tofu is (which obviously isn't so.) Also, none of us want to be the one who asks. They hate us there as it is for being white so any more rocking of the boat would not be advised. EITHER WAY it was delicious and an incredibly giant portion. I was unaware just how many udon noodles there would be. Needless to say, I didn't finish mine. But Eric went to TOWN lol. My bubble tea was the small size, black tea & coffee which we both had gotten. We also overloaded on more of The Office season 4 -- which is probably one of the greatest shows in existence (with LOST and Curb). I am addicted to it and we have now just one more episode until we move on to the next seasosn and I am ITCHING to watch it. hweigfrerygferhbftkrwjfnt


My current work assignment, though driving me insane, has me extra motivated to leave the country ASAP. It's for Ignites Europe (a, duh, European-based financial publication). It started nice and simple, but once I alphabetically got to Finland which has thus far had the most companies and the most confusing language patterns I have probably ever seen, and I have been miserable since. Worst of all is how long it's taking me!!!!! GAAAAAHHHHH. Ironically though, I feel like looking in to visiting good ole' Helsinki, Finland now with all this exposure hahahah. Generically speaking, so much European attention really makes me want to branch out and away from NY/Long Island and see the sites & cities and beauty of our European counterparts. Onnnnneeeee dayyyyyyy.

Valentine's Day was really extra lovely. The night before I decided to give Eric his presents because all day Sunday he'd be at work and we were sure to be in a rush when he was back home. I bought a cute little Valentine's gift-box @ Target which I put some of my cool scrap-booking letters on to spell "eric" in case he forgot his name. Inside was a little drawing I did (which IMO was pretty sweet) of the Avatar woman's eye/face and the logo for the movie with "admit 2, IMAX 3D @ Deer Park" -- this was chosen over buying a random night and time of tickets in case Eric couldn't go that night or was too tired for a 3hr movie. Along with that was my lovely choice of Chanel's Egoiste men's cologne and my Snoopy card (duuuuuuuuhhhhhhh). He texted me that we were seeing Valentine's Day @ 930 in Farmingdale as a sneek peak to my present and also admitted I wouldn't be getting any flowers. LOL. We hit up Krisch's ice cream for a treat in Massapequa -- two versions of hot fudge sundaes. TRES DELICIOUS. Always makes ya feel like a blimp about 15m after you're done. We went late, too, which might've been the real downfall.

Sunday morning, while I was working, I heard Eric's loud-loud-loud Evo pull up @ my house. He stopped her before work with 3 balloons, a gift bag and a box. In the box were 12 hand-dipped chocolate covered strawberries. In the bag were 4 new charms for my Pandora bracelet I got at Christmas. Swoon swoon swoon. Later in the day I was informed that we would be dining at Don Richardo's (world's bestttt) so after I finished working in the daytime, I thought it might be a splendid time to take a trek over to Century21 for my second visit and see if I could find anything else I loved. Parking was ridiculous and I ended up in the overflow parking lot making my own space because it was completely filled. I was on a time limit since I had to be back home and ready and AT Don Ricardo's by 7:30. Shopping went quickly and I walked in long strides. Eric had asked me to also look for better fitting khakis (he's been wearing ones that are FARRRR too short for awhile now) so that was also a priority. It turned out the 33x34 pants Eric needed were not in supply -- or at least not the $20/30 ones. There were suit pants available for ~100 and I knew that was not in the cards. I ended up finding another dress I liked and a purple shirt with a frilly front. And to ease my feet I attempted high-heels cushion inserts for the ball of my foot as well as purchasing a new set of stockings with a scroll running up the back. $70ish more dollars later I was on my way back home.

I wore the former purchase from Century21 which was a 60s mod inspired dress that was black with white and blue on the top. Sweetheart pinch, very cute, very cheap, very WOOOO!. Eric literally got here in the nick of time (he had work and had to change and be ready himself) We were seated upstairs, which is the BESTTTT and we didn't even know until recently even existed, and voila! Valentine's was served. Eric had a small lulz-tastic confrontation about his seltzer water order than ended up OK since you always have like 5 different waiters there and luckily that would've-been-messed-up drink didn't arrive. I got my typical platter combination of cheese enchiladas, but Eric ventured outside the norm and got an entree of vegetable chimichangas. Though he enjoyed I know he won't be getting them again or any time soon. Oldies and goodies are named as such for a reason haha.

The movie wasn't until 9:30 so when we were finished we sort of hung around. We saw a couple that came in and sat behind us get up and ditch before they ordered food. The girl had the giant-est boobs I'd ever seen in person. The restaurant was decked in red, with a flower and candles abound. When we finally paid the check and stopped stalling, I was given a white carnation (which lasted forEVERRR) and a little packet of sweetheart conversation hearts. As an aside, the woman sitting opposite of me and against the landing kept STARING at me... and I know we had the giant Nikon with us but I am still unsure what it was exactly she kept peeping. Me? Eric's hair? My bracelet? The camera? My dress? Our food? WHAT WAS ITTTTTT

Coffee was in order since Eric was pretty tired, so we went to the Farmingdale Starbucks drive through. However, given the nature of the day and film, we had to sort of chug 'em down and go get seats for the movie. We ended up in the middle of a middle row next to a weird dude who went nuts for Jay-Zs song sampled for the Sex and the City 2 movie trailer (!!!!!!!!). All in all Eric was OK with the movie, which was surprising. This was really the first and only time we had gone out and seen a movie that only "I" wanted to see without compromising for a 2nd best or anything. And I certainly made it worthwhile by getting the girliest gushy-iest love movie HAHAHA. I HAD TO! Though it was pretty long, and a little confusing with all the story lines and the way they intertwined I did enjoy it. But will also say I couldn't imagine watching this when it WASN'T Valentine's Day -- that would just be weird. It's not like a Christmas movie where Christmas is like an extended holiday/season and the spirit is high.. Valentine's is ONE day. And I just don't see how this movie will capitalize in any other way. And yet at the same time, I don't think it has any competition in the market -- do you know of a SINGLE movie dedicated to Valentine's? NOT I.

When we got back, Eric agreed to spend a little more time to sample a strawberry or two, and they were divine. The actual berry was GIANT. Impressive. It was a lovely Valentine's Day -- perhaps the best in my memory and still so simple. I feel like the luckiest every day as it is, so this was just an extra-special reminder that I have been so blessed to have such a happy life with such a perfect person. I hope that we can keep having these silly outings and holidays and outfit-buying occassions for as long as I live... I really really do.

because dancing is my favorite

watched My Blue Heaven tonight and how can you resist this?!?!?!


Feb. 1st, 2010

dumb thing i want:

Since I am currently obsessed with the idea of going to more and more Broadway/off-Broadway shows, and since I am anal as FUCK about organizing and preserving, this seems like something I'll end up buying once I have 10+ playbills. (Currently only 7).

I'm trying to convince Jay to go with me to see Venus in Fur, a psuedo-play on/adaptation of my favorite-est novel <3 It's only on until the 21st, so getting arranged and ticketed in time might be a bit of a stretch. He found a discount code for 37.50 tickets. Update on status will follow as details unfold.

Tuesday I trekked to Penn Station on the 5:13(?) from Babylon to meet McKenzie outside the theatre on 48th. I waited for the 1 train long enough that I got winded on my hustle from the subway. A View from the Bridge was a favorite from 11th grade English and I was so pumped up when I saw in Newsday that it was coming to the stage.. and with 2 big actors, no less. Liev truly stole the show and though she wasn't BAD I didn't really enjoy Scarlett Johansson's role. The set was AWESOME - it was a rotating set-up that alternated between in the apartment, outside the apartment, Alfieri's office and jail. It was pretty mega impressive. McKenzie, who knows everyone, knows the Production Stage Manager for the show and before it was on Liev needed someone to run lines with for 3 consecutive days. She couldn't commit the 3rd day and lost the chance to hang out with/meet/read with Liev Schreiber. HOT DAMN!

When we were leaving I saw a The Glass Menagerie ad.... I hope the two of us make a date out of it. Additionally, I am frothing at the mouth to see The Addams Family which is coming for previews sooner than later. AND I have Eric agreeing to attempt a lottery for In the Heights the Tuesday after Valentine's Day. HOT DAMN.

School started this week! It's been interesting to say the least, particularly with my lab professor. In an effort to keep them quotable, I will not name-names. BUT OMG what a riot! That's on Friday afternoon 1-3:40 (though he said we'll probably never stay that long after the 1st class again... which actually ran 20m late since he was bullshitting/people were telling stories/a lot to cover/he didn't know when class ended). My lecture professor is Dr. Crocker. He reminds me voice-wise distinctly of my Uncle Gene. He rides a scooter which on the first day almost made me LULZ the way he zoomed in the room. I held in my laughter though. The best part of all was that although the lab book was $90, it lasts for both sections of Anatomy and Physiology so it was a one-time-buy, and mom offered to purchase it for me now that she's rolling in cash from her job promotion. Then, Dr. Crocker didn't care which version of, or even AUTHOR of the textbook we got, so I was able to instead buy the former edition off half.com for $33.99 shipped from Texas. That's not to say that the 2nd session won't require the current edition, which will suck, but at least for now I'm rolling big-pimp with a big savings for this semester. SO HAPPPPPPY.

Unfortunately, just like in my past, there are a few much-older returning students, and one of whom is a giant ASSFUCK... one of those people who records lectures but also asks 1093856 questions before, after and during class, nods a lot, thinks they're the only one in the room, etc. UUUUUUUUUUUUUUGHHH and since I'm choosing to sit as close as possible to really get-it-all-in, I have to sit near or next to this jerk. I fucking HATE her and I don't even know her. She's like, 40something? And she wore Juicy velour pants the other day. GAGGGGGGGGG. Lab only had like, 8 people in it. And since I was so early on Friday having gotten my ID made @ the police station, this idea really was noted esp. since the professor and 2 people were late. AND campus is a deadzone on Friday ANYWAY so it was like a scary horror movie unfolding.

Jan. 26th, 2010

After a trying time this weekend, last night came full circle for me and Eric. I made the baked artichokes after work yesterday and he came over with the hug I needed so badly. Food was consumed in front of Jurassic Park but my eating amount doubled Eric's -- so even though he said it was "good" which later became "fine," I know he didn't like it or they weren't good at all. No mater what it is Eric always eats x2 of my portion. Ooooi cooking fail. But we snuggled it out (lame-o lulz) but we, or at least I, really needed it. We had a big blow out fight Saturday night after attempting to go see Up in the Air/u> in Huntington and ended up @ Starbucks and Little Vincent's. I got riled, he got pissed and the combination was deadly. I was really happy to sort that all out last night.

In celebration? We went to the Sayville (said Sa-vill between us) Starbucks and talked and joked and held hands over the table like people you used to hate. We came back home, TCBed and Eric went packin' around 12 because I put it in his head to adjust his schedule. How did I do this you ask? By fucking mine up. Hard.

I wayyyyy after the fact thought it might be good to do a little preliminary research on the 2 professors responsible for me absorbing Anatomy and Physiology I @ Farmingdale. It turned out that my lab professor was rated AWFULLY. Not like excusable, but 1's across the board - comments about simply reading the text, etc etc. bad enough to influence me to say "FUCK NO" for my science excursion. There were 2 other professors -- one being my lecturer and another named Kupferman. Kupferman was the only one with a section still available, but instead of Tuesdays, it was FRIDAYS (dundundunnnn) but there were only 4 of 20 seats filled! So wonderful! I'll log in and swap classes no problems. False -- to un-enroll in a lab class you have to drop both the lab and lecture and re-add both. No problem -- false. I had been overridden in to BIO170 and with no pre-reqs on file I was fucked/barred from re-applying. Immediately I sent an e-mail over to the registrar but being Sunday and all I was have the ultimate in anxiety about "WHAT IF IT CAN'T BE FIXED/SOMEONE TAKES MY SEAT IN LECTURE?????!!?!?"

Thought I promised I'd wait for them to respond up until noon, I ended up calling the moment the office opened @845am. The woman on the line told me it was no problem just to come up there. I dropped all and got in the shower. When I got out, on a whim I opened my e-mail and saw it was taken care of for me by the head of the office. Ho. Ly. Thank. God.

The rain really made me missed though it thankfully stopped right around the time I got on to Farmingdale campus (with no gas). I took the back route and got there early with a map sneakily placed in my folder so I could find everything after Craig ruined me and Eric's get-to-know-campus date. I parked along the side of my building but I picked the long way around to get inside. The class is in Lupton, the building in question. Now... I've seen some old buildings in my day including @ Stony Brook. But with the weather and the winter this was the scariest building possibly ever. Looks-wise, at least. I took a seat and with the class 1/5 full I noticed it was all female. And by the time all 50 people were there.. there were 5 men, including Professor Crocker. WOWIE. Way to profile, nursing students. We couldn't be more obvious. Though to be fair, too, not everyone was for NURSING per-say but everyone -one dick are all healthcare bound people. Toooooo crazy.

We were there the whole time (which didn't bother me since I had no where to be). He said everything I expected -- about how the course is rough with a lot of things to know/work on/memorize -- and a few things I did not... like 50ques. objective tests, not having to get the "real" textbook etc. All-in-all a really nice seeming guy who tried to joke. But I didn't say the best part yet. He zoomed in to class. Literally. He's in a scooter. Which means if it snows/is icy, he might cancel class and for some odd reason I found this to be hilarious. It seemed like a bright idea at the time to just go SEE how much the books were definitively before I went back home. What a waste of a trek... farrrrr too $$. Amazon or some other site, here I COME! & the no gas situation was a bit alarming too since I don't know the Farmingdale area, it was rush-hour time, and there were def no gas stations on the southbound side of 110 for quite awhile. So on Mom's advice I took Melville Rd. I wish I hadn't. Between not knowing where I was going, then finally getting to a gas station and being unable to go East on 24, it took forever to get home and SSP was a bit slow from where I got on. Won't make the mistake of gaslessness AGAIN!! I kept thinking about Indian food, mentioned it to Eric via text, and now I think we plan to go get some this week (lullllllzzzzz)

I tried going to the gym post-dinner. I said it once and could say it a thousand times: the gym in the daytime trumps the gym in the evening. It's by no means PACKED or uncomfortably full.. but it is without a DOUBT full. Waiting on machines, waiting to wait for machines... I HATE IT. But I still occasionally do it to myself. I'm not sure when exactly the crowd dies down, but it's probably too late for my liking. I hope that it doesn't impede me though because now that school is back on and I have work, etc. I need to make a pretty set schedule and I was planning on gyming M and W after class and Saturday mornings/daytime which I might need to change now given my hatred of the busy time after work/dinner. GRRRRRR.

Eric's coming in t-minus 5 to get food for him and hopefully watch The Foot Fist Way which I got the other day from Netflix with our beloved Danny McBride. Tomorrow, even though it's a 26th, I'm going in to the city sans Eric to see A View From the Bridge my old 11th grade fave (I did an Alfieri monologue) with Scarlett Johansson and Liev Schreiber which just officially opened on Sunday! I'm meeting McKenzie, my 1st SB friend freshman year, but I think she'll be sad with how quickly I bounce post-show. I am not much of a nighttime person, especially considering that I'm going to have to work for a good 6 1/2 - 7 hours before taking off in the first place. I get tired over nothing as it stands, so advanced apologies to Kenz! I hope it's good -- we're sitting in the balcony (I've never sat in orchestra seating) and I am praying hard my check comes tomorrow. Since I never printed out when timesheets are due, I also don't know when checks come. But I'm holding out hope, esp since I'm kind of struggling for money right now! :-x

ps. I definitely didn't read ANY of the books I had in mind. :[

can't get it all in order!

alright.. I fell off the bandwagon.

+ went to Cozymel's for Mom's birthday lunch with Kim, Henry, Momma and Aunt Susan yesterday, plus a trip to Century 21 department store for the first time ever. Possibly the world's greatest thing ever.
+ watched Moon a few mornings back. <3 Sam Rockwell
+ watched Chewed Up and Big Fan with Eric
+ Henry turned 6 months old!
+ I got both my helix and snug piercing rings to come out -- taking out and putting the snug one has caused crazy inflammation. Kasey got the ball post back in but it's crooked. So I'm trying to see if it will calm down in a week or so and will have the ring adjusted.
+ School starts tomorrow!
+ Donated to the Hope for Haiti Now telethon; didn't speak to anyone famous
+ Bubble tea in Eric's new Evo with Ed and Juli
+ Anthony Raneri solo acoustic show @ the Crazy Donkey last Thursday
+ gym freak <3

I will be more prompt from now on.

So far this morning, I ate some puffed wheat, had some perked coffee with Coffeemate peppermint mocha creamer, and watched the tiniest bit of Good Morning America, where I saw this story:


:\ Will this ever be controlled??


Today I have officially seen enough of the travesty in Haiti and am preparing to do something for it and about it. When I see Eric later, I'm hoping to donate $ or supplies (if I can find a reputable place taking such donations) and attempt to make something happening down there a little easier or better equipped.



Moments in history like this one are part of what helped me decide on going back to school for nursing. I may not get to be in the political world directly (though I'll probably still try to!), I could have a useful skill to help those in need in the future.

May God watch over you all...


Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dear MLK, Jr.

Thank you for all your efforts to change the face of our racist world. I hope that, in some small way, that while you're looking down on us you have been pleased with the progress we have made, while you continue to inspire the spirit deep within every loving soul to continue the long, hard fight of equality and to create a new future for all man. You have spoken to me.

In observance of your holiday,