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It should be known that I *LOVE* baked items. I have been working on getting my own rhythm and flow going with them for some time now (Christmas was packed with cupcake decorating and recipe books and I have an icing piping set), but I haven't been TOO successful on an aesthetic level. However I have mastered the cake portion and the icing (I happen to adore the icing recipe out of Crazy for Cupcakes -- the vanilla/white icing. zomg.

Anyway, I also like watching from time to time the cake-related bakery shows on TLC, etc. like Cake Boss and the one about Charm City and the challenge shows... all that good stuff. I will get on DC cupcakes too soon enough. Not only do we watch but we travel for our indulgences... Crumbs, Magnolia, baked, still waiting to cross off Babycakes and Buttercup and the Fat Witch brownies. Get the picture?

AND! CakeWrecks. Their Sweet Sunday posts. <3 AND! Wedding cakes. I joined theknot.com to browse their cake photos.

So I just found this. All I'm saying is.. I pretty much love it.

I wonder how much it costs to get a cake like this made -- I remember on Cake Boss Buddy saying something about just how pricey custom-order cakes are and it has always made me curious. I wouldn't even know where to look around here, minus the cake store in Babylon that Eric told me is a whore-house HAHAHA. But seriously, how much are these things????