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Monday Eric and I had a trip over to All American in Massapequa. Since it's an old-fashioned burger joint, we have compromised to making a bangin' sandwich of their "grilled cheese," AKA 2 pieces of cheese on a bun, lined inside with their lovely french fries and onion rings which we proceed to dip in ketchup. Rarely do I partake but Eric also gets a shake. This time he went for the red black and white and we ate on the side seats since the tables out front were all filled up. On the way home we stopped off in the Barnes & Noble there and naturally didn't get a single thing. When we got back home, we watched Good Will Hunting streaming off the Wii.

Yesterday I watched baby HJ while Kim got her haircut at The Style Studio (thanks meeeee). In the evening we went to The Cup with Andrew, Kelly and her friends where we shared spinach and artichoke dip - zomg so good - and I got a chocolate mint coffee frappe. I have decided after 2 times of getting something of this flavor that it isn't very good. Not that it isn't good period because I LOVE choc. mint. But there... not so much. We attempted using the camera down on the shore but after a few missteps, including the bridge not being lit up, we canned it. Top Chef had been DVR-ed, but long story short we couldn't watch it and Eric stayed home.

I got a lot done today considering but I REALLY dilly-dallied everywhere I went. Petco, BN, Target, Chase, library, and the nail place. Been home a bit and am veryy veryyy hungry after offputting breakfast until lunchtime today because frankly I look like a fat blob and ate pretty retarded the last few days. Dear dinner, CAN'T WAIT!!

At the library I was picking up said copy of The Road for Eric, I found Naked by David Sedaris prestine in the for sale bin and I scored it for $1.00. The only flaw is the name Kelly written in black script on the inside cover. NO PROBLEMO, what a deal!! Turns out my card was also expired, so the woman there re-uped me with just seeing my license. It reminds me that we need to get Eric another new library card haha... we went a little more than a year ago to finally GET him one and not more than a month later he misplaced it. ROFL