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things that are rooooough

Still no ground-breaking yet on the garden. Mom says I have to wait for the frost-date to end which is in the middle of May (bad timing given vacation etc). I still am unsure what is going to happen with summer classes -- if I hear nothing from Sean and/or Starbucks I am going to apply as planned on my 26th appointment date on Farmingdale's registration system. How sad it is that someone with a degree and past Starbucks experience can't even get a job in these times. lrgherughregnrejgnreqpgtreqt

Today we started Nervous System/Neural Tissue. AY YI YIIIII. I feel lucky to have already taken Biology in high school as well as AP Biology and even though they were a long time ago, I haven't forgotten the information in it's entirety. My Biopsychology class is also making a come-back this time around with all the brain/nerve chitter chatter. But the information is so dense and packed that I began studying tonight in lieu of more working to be sure I don't fall behind on my study cards -- which I did for Tissues & Integument. I managed a beauteous 94 on the exam, however (+ a 6point curve!) thanks to come last minute cram-jam studying with Kerry before we took it. I made about 8 cards tonight and am almost caught up to what we covered for lecture, so THAT'S good. Dr. Crocker admitted that we have passed the ground-work and are in to the "interesting" part which is really code for confusing as shit and full of information. Meanwhile in lab we're beginning to prepare for the bone and muscle practical. These 2 topics sadly do not line-up and the terminology and concepts are already becoming muddled. NOOOOOOO.

Yesterday was a trying time for me, and though I am tackling the issues I can surely say that for a few hours there my world was shattering and falling out beneath me. Luckily the final collapse did not happen, but I still feel like I have fallen miles and miles and hit the ground half-alive. Still breathing though, and that's something to be thankful for. I hope that life will find itself in an about-face ASAP, or at least be heading on the ups as soon as tonight or tomorrow. le siiiiighhh.

We caught up to the end of season 5 of The Office and now are on a mission to watch and complete the 3 seasons of Arrested Development. I have only watched 3 episodes so no formal opinion can be made. I will definitely watch the whole thing though because there is no way for me to *hate* it. I had one laugh-out-loud moment given by David Cross. I find Jason Bateman slightly dreamy and watching Portia de Rossi knowing she's a lesbian now is mildly entertaining. Not judging her or her choices, but I don't know if that was a known fact when the show was airing. Innnnnteresting.

Welp, that's about it. I enjoyed my elliptical run today @ the gym, 212cals in 25minutes. I am finding it to be increasingly boring though and though I'm not tuckered out I am losing interest long before the 30m goal-point comes. Maybe I will break it up in to 2 15minute runs instead? It would be RADICALLY SWEET if we had one at home, which I know won't be happening until I have my own place, but it should would change things. Here's hoping the elliptical fairy stops by!