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omg garden??

As of 15minutes ago preliminary veg./fruit garden plans are underway. Mom okay-ed my use of the space in the backyard. Now, I only need to secure Kasey & Eric's man-power to prep the ground for garden-ification. I want: eggplants, peppers, a tuber, an attempt @ growing lettuce for Hank, strawberries. Here's hoping!!

Also, we watch Triangle at Andrew's last night -- I really liked it a lot more now that some time has passed. Go watch that shit! I also saw I<3Huckabees sometime last week with Eric and though I can't say I got all of the existential undertones, I know I liked it! And LOLed a few good times. AND I watched The Visitor and Sunshine Cleaning on my own and enjoyed both but Sunshine far more. The Visitor makes me want to play the African drum though and maybe one day I'll buy one and jam with people somewhere and be liberated like in the movie LOLOL. I started the psuedo-documentary Paper Heart but am yet to finish. moviesmoviesmovies. <3

Today: work. Watch Religulous and mail it back. order wiper blades? (Rain-X Latitude <3 - the commercials way back when brain-washed me that I MUST have them)