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here comes the debt cycle..

Well, I have some problems. They all involve money. I have approximately $4,000 in the bank, and carry approximately $1,800 in current credit debt over 2 cards with a combined credit pool of $9,000. I had been working on paying down my lower-limit, lower APR card while simultaneously ceasing daily use of the Disney card. All of my credit plans have been put on hiatus given a new development following Mom and Dad's visit to the accountant yesterday.

I feel exploited (not on a personal level) - I am not anyone's employee, just an independent contractor. I file my own taxes, which I have been paying in quarterly installments. Turns out, however, that since no one garnishes me for my Social Security owings, I now have to pay the additional $1,100 by April 15th. F. M. L. REAL HARD.

It doesn't seem TOO bad, knowing I'm getting paid this week. However, I owe $60 to my mom and dad on behalf of my Jimmy Buffett ticket. I JUST sent $400 in checks to my credit cards. And, oh, I have to pay for my 2 summer classes ($1,900). rkgjorghregnfgnergireighreg

Consequence? I just applied @ 4 different Starbucks' around here for Barista or Shift Manager positions. I also hope that if Eric talks to his boss we can try and have me apply @ the desk of Atlantic's car lot to fill the empty position there. In short, I need out. It's no one's fault, but having no insurance and not being able to apply for gvt. benefits because I'm not an employee + the high rate of money I have to personally pay out (it would've been taken out had I been an employee) with my debts and stresses is mentally too much for me. The hope is I will get in to nursing school for the advanced programs which start in the summer. Big ups to that...

And speaking of summer, FL is around the corner ^_^ that makes me happy. Last night we went to see Hot Tub Time Machine with Craig, Kasey and Ed. Approved. Not as brilliant as some former rock-solid comedies, but still laugh riotous. I also watched The Hurt Locker from Netflix which Eric had to ditch when we started it :[ It was pretty great - I haven't seen all the Best Picture noms, but I thought both Up! and Up in the Air were better. The directing award was definitely deserved -- I felt like I was THERE. Got nervous, heartracing, etc. Wowie fo' sho' on that aspect.

Tonight we're going to Mama's for the first time in I don't even KNOW how long -- we haven't had a Monday off at least since classes started in January and I know we didn't go for a long while due to financial woes. Eric got a gift card at Christmas, so we'll be dining on the cheaps. Last night we saw the movie on a birthday gift card hahaha. Tomorrow!! We're going to the Camden Aquariummmmm!!! Eric told me about this place a long time ago when we were having some differences and he said one thing we have in common is being gay for aquariums (it's true) and this one has a hippo -- he LOVES hippos hahah. It's also a hop-skip to Philadelphia so as long as he's down I feel like we should make a quick stop there before we go back home. Mapquest says its 2hrs 41m away. They're open from 9:30-5 so I hope we leave around 7:30 so we can make the most of it! SO EXCITED TO SPEND THE ONE DAY WE HAVE TOTALLY OFF ON SPRING BREAK TOGETHERRRRRR <3<3<3

My half.com ventures have been fun -- though truth be told my total profit thus far from 15 sales is only about $45, if that. (cost of packaging, shipping, etc.) I got SCREWED with one - my Russian CD set.. gihriguhregiur I HATE THE WEST ISLIP POST OFFICE. I officially resigned from bringing them any package item. Only letters from here on out. They are mentally ill, very slow, NOT nice and all around horrible at service. Babylon hasn't given me any issues yet, so they're my new (current) jam. Money wasn't the goal with this, but a little bit would help out real good right now.

Hank is getting so biggggg. I'm pretty positive at this point he is a SHE haha. But the name stays. I hope I can upgrade to a slightly large tank for her ASAP. Maybe I can get one by Christmas. Just the up to a 30g would do wonders for her. I think anything larger would require different furniture. If I move over (ever :[) I am going to try and work out moving her to a 55gal downstairs and swing in to clean it from time to time. Who knows, that's far ahead. I love her so hard.. we took time to give the long winter's overhaul on the tank last week. Full cleaning, new filter bag, SPOTLESS. So far its still doing well but some water has evaporated. I need to replace that real soon. Her shell is also getting set to shed and it layering up real good but isn't coming off. I might need to kick it in to high gear with some special foods (blueberries, sweet potato) and try and help out. Damn you, nature.

So many things to do and organize and I feel like there's no time or money for any of it. I STILL have the Frank canvas Eric got me for 3 years sitting sans frame on a pile of clothes in my room. I stalled my photo-printing and sotrage project. I never started transferring my photos to the TB. I need a new laptop. Hank needs the tank. My car needs parts.

The list will never ever ever end..